Private Jet Charter

When You Absolutely Must be There On Time

If you are absolutely in a rush, click here to go directly to the Flight Planner or to Live Chat with a consultant.

Whether you areĀ  in the corporate, celebrity or sports world, or simply a person that needs to get to a destination quickly, if you try calling a commercial operator to book a flight that departs within the next 8 to 12 hours you may very well be disappointed. Not so if you go via private jet air charter.

Approximately 2 billion people will travel by airplane annually, with a lot of people being time challenged and just wishing to show up at their destination relaxed, and concentrated on the job or holiday in mind. The last thing you want is check-in problems, security delays and poor seat arrangement, then there is the possibility of sitting next to someone entirely undesirable for hours.

Tired of Budget Airlines?

Imagine having a whole plane to yourself or to you and your family or associates! If you charter a jet, you and your loved one could even dance up and down the aisle to your heart’s content – don’t even consider that on a commercial flight unless you want to meet an Air Marshall! You can arrange for fine wines, Crystal champagne and even a good brandy to finish.

Private Jet Charters have never been More Affordable and Available

The benefits can far out way the cost and there are multiple reasons why private jet air charter may be a better deal for you.

To most, private jet flight is just not cost effective due to the huge cost of buying a plane (can be up to and above $40m) and then running it, which could be in the hundreds of thousands or millions a year, as other factors come into play, such as maintenance, insurance, staffing and parking. Even fractional jet ownership is prohibitive for most that do not fly on a continual basis, so Charter offers a truly cost effective alternative to owning or leasing a plane.


With Private jet air charter, you can fly in and out of smaller airports, with less hassle and the best thing is there is no standing in line, no waiting hours and no going shoeless through security! Traffic to the section of the airport that handles the private flights is also minimal. Overall your security is far greater taking a private flight.

You will fly the very best pilots in the industry that must meet not only required FAA standards of commercial airline pilots, but also the additional private jet air charter safety standards of the Wyvern Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) program.

Charter operators partner with a variety of professional businesses to provide every service that discriminating travelers require, including the finest regional caterers, luxury ground-transportation companies, and the best hotels and resorts.

The personal flight consultants aim to anticipate your needs and provide outstanding service.

When time is money, chartering a jet is the very most efficient and economical form of travel. Flying with private jet air charters is much less expensive than full or fractional jet ownership or flight card programs.

Aviation Air Charters and the Cost to You

Selecting the right operator makes the world of difference. Some are an on-demand service, so customers pay only for each trip they take. You don’t pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars up front as they do with flight cards or fractional ownership. Choose wisely as some private jet charter operators don’t set fixed hourly prices for flights: pricing will differ from trip to trip. The charter company we recommend most highly has a Flight Planner built into their website that you can fill out just like a commercial flight, it’s that easy. They also have Live Chat and you can book everything with them on the net. You can also talk to them directly about which plane you would like to choose for your trip and they of course, will help guide you.

The costs of air charters are getting increasingly less and with more dissatisfied people worried about checking in times and more security problems, more and more people like you are choosing air charter as the most viable option.

Click here to go to the Flight Planner and see for yourself how easy and affordable it can be.

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